AURO Cloud Computing Powered by OpenStack

AURO Cloud is our 100% Canadian Cloud Computing platform. It is an enterprise grade solution that is highly scalable, fully redundant, and built to power the most demanding hosting and application needs.

Control small or large amounts of  networking,  computing, or storage resources through a single dashboard that gives you full control.

With rapid provisioning, low latency, and a high level of control and security, you have access to a highly flexible enterprise-grade cloud computing service that supports your unique challenges.

AURO Cloud Networking Features

AURO Cloud Computing Architecture

Canadian Cloud Computing is available on-demand.

Each OpenStack-powered cloud server is highly available with real-time scalability and on-demand computing resources including cloud storage.

You’ll receive open APIs, compatibility with AWS, and an easy-to-use web interface for administration and storage, with high levels of fault tolerance.

Best of all, our Cloud Computing platform is 100% Canadian and ensures that all Canadian privacy requirements are met.

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