Protect your server exclusively from digital attacks.

Unlike shared firewall devices that leave the possibility of unauthorized access by other users sharing the same firewall, a dedicated firewall provides protection exclusively to you. With your own firewall, you'll get access to a firewall manager that lets you set your security in real-time, customize security requirements, and view destination server IP addresses.

Our Dedicated Firewalls

Dedicated Firewall Features

  • Dedicated to your hosting environment
  • Customizable to your security requirements
  • Site-to-site and client-to-client VPN
  • Easy-to-use firewall management
  • Prevents access from unauthorized users
  • Filters both inbound and outbound traffic
  • Restricts inbound traffic flow to a set of source IP addresses
  • Controls timeouts for different types of internal protocol connections
  • Logs all suspicious attempts to enter your network