Clear Expanse utilizes a Custom VPS solution to manage their growing client base.


Erich Bertussi has been a long-time customer of Canadian Web Hosting (CWH). With each of his ventures over the years, he has relied on Canadian Web Hosting as his hosting provider.

He was first drawn to CWH for its Canadian data centres that met all Canadian privacy and security requirements including PIPEDA. However, what has kept him as a happy customer were the people and the customer service he received. From being on a first name basis with members of the support team to every individual trying their best to resolve issues and answer questions, Erich enjoyed the community aspect that comes with interactions with the CWH team.

Today, he runs the agency Clear Expanse, a holistic ad agency, where they help people manage technology and oversee their marketing and branding efforts. As a part of these offerings, they often provide hosting to their clients.

The Challenge

With numerous clients, and that number growing monthly, Erich and Clear Expanse was seeking a better way of managing the hosting requirements of his clients who were on individual hosting plans. When discussing with the CWH team his difficulties, the CWH team was able to suggest and then provide a VPS environment as a solution where all of his clients would be conveniently housed in one location.


Clear Expanse





Marketing and web services

Services Used

Custom VPS
Enterprise data backup

"Aggregating everyone onto one server, which CWH pushed me to do, has been a great benefit. Let CWH help you control and tweak your settings so you have a rock-solid environment saving time for everyone involved."

- Erich Bertussi
Owner | Creative Director

The Results

Having all of Clear Expanse’s clients all in place has eased the management of their hosting requirements. The migration process from individual accounts onto the VPS server was smooth and, in the end, saves Erich and Clear Expanse a lot of time. Instead of overseeing dozens of accounts across different servers, Erich only has one to worry about. He is able to rely on the CWH Support Team to assist with managing the server and he doesn’t have to waste his time on changing configurations or troubleshooting issues allowing him to concentrate on other work for Clear Expanse.

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