EHS Data seeks an infrastructure partner to grow their Canadian market


EHS Data is a UK based company providing Environmental Data Management Solutions to a variety of organizations in over 40 countries worldwide. Trusted in over 1000 sites, EHS Data’s software solution, MonitorPro, helps organizations manage their environmental obligations and sustainability while saving them time and money.

The company grew rapidly and MonitorPro quickly became the tool of choice in the UK waste Management Industry. Since then they have been expanding their global reach - including moving into Canada.

Today, EHS Data is a world leader in developing and implementing environmental data management systems to save time, improve planning, quality, analysis, awareness and reporting.

The Challenge

Prior to moving to Canadian Web Hosting, EHS Data was experiencing difficulties finding a platform option that allowed them to provide a locally hosted solution to their Canadian client base. Their options were limited to just the UK or Australia, neither of which benefited Canadian clients.

With this in mind, EHS Data sought out a web hosting company that could not only provide them with a server to deploy their platform for their Canadian clients, but also customize and tailor it to their needs at an affordable price.


EHS Data Ltd



United Kingdom


IT, Environmental Data Management

Services Used

Custom dedicated server
Enterprise data backup

“Service and stability is extremely important to us, especially when we deal with global corporations...We’ve rarely had any issues with [Canadian Web Hosting] apart from a couple of planned outages that we were informed of well in advance.”

- Matt Silk
Operations Director

The Results

Today EHS Data uses a dedicated server where they deploy their Software as a Service platform to their clients. Throughout sign up process, Canadian Web Hosting ensured that EHS Data’s specific needs and requirements were met at a competitive price. Requests were fulfilled in a timely manner allowing the custom solution to be promptly set up. The stability of the Canadian Web Hosting network has allowed EHS Data to provide continuous uptime for their software and clients.